The Wining Sysprogs is a wine club steeped in tradition. It was established by the Systems programmers (Sysprogs) of the University of Melbourne to encourage the appreciation and evaluation of fine wine.

Founded in 2002 the club has evolved as the wine knowledge and passion of the Sysprogs themselves has evolved. From the humble beginnings as a Friday lunchtime end-of-week ritual to the sophisticated wine dinners and tastings at formal club gatherings, the maturing of the club continues.

In recent times, developments such as the internet wine database are ensuring that the club remains at the leading edge of innovative member services. However investment in the design and purchase of the official club seal demonstrates the commitment to traditional values that the club members hold dear.

If you are interested to know more, please feel free to email: tws[AT]thewiningsysprogs[DOT]com

Top 5 scoring wines

Ten most recently tasted wines

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